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Design & Facilitation Masterclass | Aus


  • Terminé
  • 1,700 euro
  • Melbourne

Description du service

Designing for and facilitating effective collaboration has now become a key organisational skill. It is critical for effective problem-solving, driving higher team engagement and simply getting better outcomes faster. We have developed a 2-day Collaborative Design Masterclass to help you develop these skills and embed them in your everyday practice. The course is designed as an intensive 2-day, experiential deep dive into the world of collaboration design and facilitation. Key topics The masterclass will cover the journey from initial contact with a client (internal or external) through to post-event activity. We will decompose the co-design process in a series of clearly defined steps including exploration and understanding of the context and problem, crystallisation of and alignment on objectives, outcomes and scope, development of a design for the session and eventually an agenda. We will focus in particular on: Sponsor engagement: scoping, framing, setting context. Art of questioning: asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way to drive clarity and focus. Models: exploring how to use models to support co-design Facilitation: exploring how the co-design process can inform your posture, language and choices at the front of the room Post-event: co-designing for outcomes and extending the intent back into the day-to-day life of the organisation Experience design: Creating the holistic conditions for the journey to be engaging and productive for your sponsors and participants At each stage, we will include the use of tools, models, frameworks and real-life stories to deepen the learning. The course will build on Design Thinking and MG Taylor methodologies and will be structured around our field guide to design & facilitation: Collaboration by Design


ED 2 Woodvale Close, St. Ives NSW, Australia

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